Born in Montpellier (France) in 1981, I get into music quite late at the age of 14.

This passion will naturally lead me to play an instrument, the guitar.

For 2 years, I learn the basics of guitar playing as an autodidact, covering Metallica's riffs and Slash's solos. At this time, I seriously consider the possibility to stop my studies and to become a professionnal musician.

Willing to go one step further, I start taking lessons in a music school.

I finally chose Game Over, a musical formation school in Montpellier, and get taught by Thierry Pontet and Alain Cahuzac.

This will allow me to learn more about technical stuff, harmony and improvisation based on American working methods from G.I.T. or Berklee.

Those years of improvement will allow me to discover the playing of musicians such as Greg Gowe, John Petrucci, Yngwie Malmsteen and Scott Henderson.

Harmony and arrangement methods slowly teach me how to develop my own music and style, mixing both melody and technic.

In 1997, I leave high school and spend my whole time practicing guitar.

A few time later, I become a professionnal musician.

In 1998, an important orchestra offers me a 3 months tour. This will result in numerous meetings and scenic experiences.

After some years spent in various bands, my personality and my playing are totally metamorphosed.

My desire to create my own band becomes stronger than ever.

Besides that, I start getting into musical computing and Web stuff.

I quickly create my home-studio and start working on the conception of my website.

Since 2001, I teach guitar, explaining my own personnal approach of the instrument.

In 2005, I leave the big orchestras to focus on smaller and more intimate bands, giving a larger place to improvisation, creation and musician's personality (see the Shows section).

I will also arrange the song "Tout de Moi", which will represent the principauty of Monaco for the Eurovision contest in 2005, interpreted by Lise Darly.

In 2006, I study sound engineering with the ACFA Multimedia organisation in Montpellier.

This will allow me to become independant in a studio environment and to understand the various sound technics.

I also extend my webmastering knowledges and create websites for musical artists.

2008, release of Beyond The Unknown Territory.

Today, I divide my time between shows, writting and computing.

In 2003, I met Stephane Boutinaud, an innovative and technical drummer who will complete my instrumental songs writting the drums parts I was waiting for.

Workshop is born, influenced by Metal, Jazz and Electronic music.

In 2004, the first album comes out, containing 4 tracks.


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